QuickSupport: HulaFish's revolutionary solution for outsourced technical support.
Soothe your computer nightmares with Hawaii's only on-demand, remote terminal access solution for technical support and service. Available to large or small businesses, as well as personal home users, QuickSupport is based on a software application which is installed on your system(s) through your web browser. This application allows us to access your system remotely from our facility, via an internet connection, and to either observe, or actually take control, of your mouse and screen... as if we were sitting right there with you.

QuickSupport combines great versatility of access with ultimate security. Whether our technician is only observing your system, or conducting repairs, you are always in control! For every session, the system requires your permission for a technician to log on, and you can terminate the link at any time. There's no "back door" entry to your system, making unauthorized access impossible.

QuickSupport's on-demand remote access allows our available technicians to log-on to your troubled machine instantly from our facility, no matter where you are in Oahu, our neighbor islands, or anywhere in the world. Solutions to your problems can be minutes away with one quick phone call.**

With QuickSupport's remote access, we can service your machine with minimal inconvenience to you. You won't have to leave your desk while we work (or worry about tidying up a bit either). In fact, you can easily watch us work on your monitor, and better understand how the issue is solved for the future.

QuickSupport Service offers a 10% discount off HulaFish's regular on-site service rate. Combine that with QuickSupport's reduced minimum billing charge of 15 minutes (compared to a minimum 1 hour on-site charge) and exact per minute billing after that, and that can mean big savings! Additionally, customers located in our extended service zones can benefit by eliminating travel charges.

Here's how it works...
First, the user contacts a HulaFish representative for an initial assessment of the problem. Then, using a web browser, the user logs in to our secure directory with his/her unique name and password. (For first time users, a short installation process will then take place.)

The user then submits a ticket to initiate the session and, when activated by the technican, a live chat window appears.

The technician can now initiate an observe or control link. The incoming link must be approved by the user, and can be disconnected at any time.

(MacOS X window shown here)

Once the link is established, the technician can observe or control your computer, and you can watch, or interact (regain control) at will. When the session is over, simply click disconnect and close the chat window. That's all there is to it!

Contact us for more information or to sign up for QuickSupport.

**Immediate technician availability is not guaranteed.


Basic Requirements
The QuickSupport Service is based on a software application which is installed through your web browser, and runs locally on your system, communicating with ours over the internet. You must have an active internet connection* to install and use QuickSupport, as well as the following minimum system requirements.

*Though able to run on a 28.8 Modem connection, broadband capability (cable modem, DSL, T1, etc.) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for best and most efficient results.

PC Installation Requirements
Operating System:
Windows® NT 4.0, 98, 95, ME, 2000, XP

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer 4.x or greater with Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX enabled

Browser Security Settings:
Medium or lower

ActiveX control installation privileges (Windows NT and Windows 2000 only)

Macintosh Installation Requirements
Operating System:
MacOS X version 10.1 or greater, MacOS 9.2 or greater

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer 5.1 or greater for MacOS X, Internet Explorer 5 or greater for MacOS 9.2, both with Java and JavaScript enabled

Browser Security Settings:
Medium or lower

Administrator privileges on the local computer

MacOS 8.6 through 9.1
QuickSupport software requirements and licensing fees differ from those described here. Please contact us for details on QuickSupport for these operating systems.