Let us bring it all together for you!
Streamline your business operations and communication with a professionally designed, dependable network that works for you, instead of you working for it! Our networking services include:

  • Network design and architecture.
  • Network installation and configuration.
  • Service and support for existing networks.
  • Cross-platform (PC and Mac) integrated networking.

Contact us for cost proposals on network design and installation, or to schedule an appointment for on-site service.


Server System Software
] Windows® 2000 Server
] Windows® 2000 Advanced Server
] Windows® 2000 Exchange Server
] MacOS X Server

Network Features
] Internet Routing
] Email Serving
] Firewall Protection
] File and Application Sharing
] Printer Sharing
] Data Backup and Recovery
] Wireless Network Connectivity

Hardware Installations
] Servers/Server Racks
] Firewalls and Security Systems
] Routers, Hubs & Switches
] Network Peripherals
] CAT5 and 6 Cabling